September 11, 2019
Fernan Lake & It’s Easy Outdoor Recreation
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Family on Fernan Lake Dock in Idaho

Only two miles down Sherman Avenue, east of downtown and the Coeur d’Alene Resort, Fernan Lake is the 3rd largest lake in the direct area, falling just behind Hayden Lake to the north. Situated within the Fernan Lake Village neighborhood, with access from I90 and the easiest way in being Sherman Avenue, which feeds almost directly into the parking lot.

Parking at Fernan Lake

During the hot summer months, parking in Fernan is often limited. Being within a residential area and the high frequency of visitors can add to this issue. However, there are adequate public parking options available within a short walking distance, making this a great place to travel on foot. In colder months, there are little to no parking limitations in the area, and far fewer people as well.

Fishing & Boating in Fernan

The lake is known for its breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain, and just as much for the fishing. Many locals visit the lake year-round to partake in fishing during all seasons, especially during the hotter months. Fernan is the most fished lake per unit area in the state of Idaho! Just as popular is boating, which due to the quiet, calm nature of Fernan Lake, makes it a great place to get away from all the crowding at other local docks. There are also multiple small coves and inlets within the lake, offering even more privacy for a cozy day on the lake.

Trails and Fernan Lake Road

For the more adventurous, there is a trail system on the other side of the lake, along with a winding road that can take motorists far into the carpeted evergreen mountains. Around the perimeter of the lake, there are pullouts for fishing, swimming, and catching scenic views of the lake at different angles, with plenty of room for parking. Also on this long stretch is a sprawling system of lilypads, forming perhaps the grandest view of Fernan. This road will also take you to Wolf Lodge, a well-known lodge and popular upscale restaurant.

Swimming & Health Concerns due to Algae Blooms in Fernan

Though swimming at Lake Fernan is possible, there are recommendations against it due to algae blooms that have plagued the lake since as early as 2007. These seasonal nuisances are accompanied by various health risks and concerns, especially if one comes into contact with, or ingests it. There are several studies regarding this bloom, many of which are ongoing. If you’re interested in learning more about this phenomenon, here is a comprehensive site