June 7, 2021
Where is The Hiawatha Trail in Idaho?
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Where is Hiawatha Trail Idaho Montana

Where is The Hiawatha Trail?

Ever heard of the Hiawatha Trail in Idaho and wondered where it is located? Fortunately, as locals and fans of both the state of Idaho and the Hiawatha Trail, we know exactly where it is located and want to share it with you. So, let’s chat about all things Hiawatha Trail in Idaho!

The Hiawatha Trail, officially titled “Route Of The Hiawatha Trail” is a hiking and biking trail that stretches 15 miles. One of the best features for many on the Hiawatha Trail is that the trail is majority downhill at a gentle 2% decline. The Hiawatha Trail is known for its unique route that takes users through 10 train tunnels and seven high-altitude bridge trestles. So, if you are afraid of heights, the Hiawatha Trail might just move you out of your comfort zone. 

What Can You Do On The Hiawatha Trail?

While you can hike the Hiawatha Trail, many people bike on the scenic Idaho trail. While it’s common for people to bring their own bike, if you are visiting or don’t have a bike, you can rent a bike from the staff at Route of the Hiawatha. Bike rentals include standard bikes, tandem bikes, bikes with child tag-along trailers, recumbent bikes, and even adult tricycles! Helmets are required for all riders on the Hiawatha Trail. 

Access to the trail will incur a fee for all-day trail usage and shuttle trips. Prices vary by age and time of the week. For example, an adult ticket Monday through Thursday will cost roughly $15, and that same adult ticket on the weekend will run a higher price tag at approximately $30. However, you can save a bit on both by making reservations in advance. 

Riders on the trail can catch a shuttle carrying passengers and their bikes on the shuttle from the southern side of the Hiawatha Trail back up to the northern side of the Hiawatha Trailhead in Montana. While reservations are not required, they are highly recommended, especially during summer. It’s worth noting that the bike rental, tickets, service, and information centers for the Hiawatha Trail are located at the Lookout Pass Ski Area right off I-90 at the start of the Hiawatha Trail.

Where is the Hiawatha Trail Located?

The Hiawatha Trail is located about 2 hours east of Coeur D’ Alene in Northern Idaho by I-90. The Hiawatha Trail has a trailhead on the Northern side located in Montana, and the other side of the 15-mile Hiawatha Trail ends in Pearson, Idaho. Access to the Hiawatha Trail can be found at the Northern Hiawatha Trail Trailhead, located just south of the East Portal and Rainy Creek Road 506 in Montana. The Southern end of the trailhead lands users at the Hiawatha Trailhead in Pearson. The parking area for the Hiawatha Trail Trailhead is a convenient 2 miles south of I-90. Parking can be found in the trailhead’s northern and southern portions. 

Route of the Hiawatha Trail is another outdoorsy gem that locals and visitors enjoy here in Idaho. Whether you are stopping by and visiting Coeur d’Alene or are a resident of the area, we recommend going outside and experiencing the Hiawatha trail at least once!