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Cosmic Cowboy Grill, Brilliant Mouth-Watering Burgers!

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Interior of Cosmic Cowboy Grill in CdA Idaho
Cosmic Cowboy Grill, Brilliant Mouth-Watering Burgers! 1

Diverse healthy foods options & a beautiful atmosphere

This beloved restaurant is a hyper-popular local restaurant with a bohemian flair, that recently grew into the Spokane, WA area in recent years. It has remained a staple in the Coeur d'Alene restaurant community for years.

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Nestled in Midtown Coeur d'Alene off I-95

Taking up a huge corner lot just off I-95, Cosmic Cowboy is hard to miss with its standout neon signs and vivid color scheme.

Access in and out of the lot should be easy during most hours of the day, though during rush-hour, you may experience some wait times.

Parking, however, should be no problem, as the lot size is considerable, and there are multiple businesses with accessible parking nearby.

Let's Talk Seating and Atmosphere at Cosmic Cowboy Grill

Though the name might make you think of an old western theme, Cosmic Cowboy delivers a clean, "bohemian-chic" style mixed with glitzy pop-art decor and fixtures. Overall, coming together for a gorgeous modern interior and breathable atmosphere to eat in.

Even during dinner hours and weekends where you can expect a restaurant to be busy, the seating here can accommodate just about anyone and nearly any party size. 

Exploring the Cosmic Cowboy Menu & Fare Options

Cosmic Cowboy prides itself on offering a wide variety of meal options, with a multitude of customization options, and all of it made with natural, local ingredients.

Most everything on the list comes in vegan or vegetarian options, along with low-carb and options without gluten as well.

Plus, you choose all your sides with every meal, their base meal options typically include up to 3 sides of your choice!

Our personal favorite here at LIVECDA.ID is the Swiss Bliss Mushroom burger, a classic beef patty topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, swiss cheese, and garlic aioli.

Pair this with some thick-cut steak fries and macaroni, and you have yourself one hearty meal.

Cosmic Cowboy also offers multiple family meals that are available only to-go, which includes their famously delicious Huckleberry Salmon.

Additionally, for even bigger events, you can contact Cosmic Cowboy about their extensive catering options. Delicious, hearty food for any event!

Exciting Drink Selections for Adventurers of All Ages at Cosmic Cowboy

For those looking to put a twist on their evening ( or morning, we don't judge! ), Cosmic Cowboy has an extensive menu of beers, ciders, cocktails, and wine. We love the variety of IPAs here, and think of them as the perfect addition to our favorite burger! Many of their available options are locally brewed or sourced, and to top it all off, happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm daily, takes $2 for any drink or dessert. 

Cosmic Cowboy is always looking to amp up your weekend dining too, and so along with great food and drinks, there is live music every weekend! You can even contact their team to book your gig here too.

The restaurant chooses to also offer a healthier choice in soda selections by offering Tractor Soda brand sodas on tap. (another local brand, FYI!)

Final Thoughts on Cosmic Cowboy Grill

While we do love Cosmic Cowboy, we would like to mention that prices here can be a little steep to some, most particularly for those with children or larger families or picky eaters. Please keep this in mind!

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