March 14, 2020
Hudson’s Hamburgers – Recognized for Simple Excellence
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Hudson's Hamburgers Historical

Hudson’s Hamburgers – Arguably the most famous burger joint in town, Hudson’s, has been delivering quality, simple burgers to Coeur d’Alene since 1909. A simple menu, delicious food, and a premier location all in one.

Slinging Huddy Burgers since 1907, Meet Hudson’s Hamburgers

Located right on the end of the Sherman strip, Hudson’s is pretty much impossible to miss. Though the site itself is rather small, the signage and bustle surrounding it should make things visible. If you need another landmark, though, it’s directly across from Figpickles.

The small site brings us to our next point; where to park. Though there is street parking all down Sherman, you’re not likely to find spots during most hours, unless you’re rather lucky.

For the sake of simplicity, your best bet is to use one of the parking structures to the north, or park at McEuen to the south (which is significantly closer!). 

Hudson’s Hamburgers Seating & Ambiance Explained

Though very small in space, Hudson’s packs a ton of old-CDA charm and that classic small-town feeling.

The general structure of the restaurant has remained mostly unaltered for decades, along with some of the vintage signage.

However, with a small, cozy atmosphere, comes a rather tricky seating situation. All seating is counter seating and is very limited. Though you should be able to snag a spot within 10 minutes of waiting, Hudson’s is often packed during business hours.

For this reason, we suggest incorporating Hudson’s into a downtown Coeur d’Alene walk/adventure and checking back regularly to see if some seats have opened up.

Otherwise, they do order-ins so that you can simply show up and grab your food and as an alternative day out on the town, we’d recommend taking your burgers to go to enjoy down the street in either McEuen Park or City Park & Beach – both of which provide ample shade and amenities!

Hudson’s Simple Kind of Menu for a Simple Kind of Perfection

Hudson’s menu has remained nearly unchanged since its initial opening in 1909, in that things are as simple as can be for a burger joint.

Though they do not offer your typical fries/burger sides, they do offer delicious, simple burger options, and a few egg sandwich choices.

Your burger options are hamburgers and cheeseburgers, with double patty options for each. Locals love the simplicity here, especially for the price.

For those sweet tooth cravings, there is also a variety of pies available, including chocolate, coconut, french silk, and more!

Your drink options are equally enticing, from most common soft drinks to buttermilk, coffee, and seasonal iced tea. We love the french silk pie after our favorite double cheeseburger and tea! 

Along with the food, Hudson’s Hamburger’s offers a variety of branded merchandise at fair prices for those looking to take home a souvenir from Cd’A’s oldest-standing burger joint.