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Kaiju Sushi CDA & Spirits, a Divine Underground Downtown Experience

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Kaiju Sushi Platter in Downtown CdA

Kaiju Sushi - Though you might think great Japanese cuisine and delicious sushi would be hard to come by in Northern Idaho, it couldn't be further from the truth. Kaiju Sushi & Spirits, with its perfect downtown location and huge, option-heavy menu, is one of the best Japanese dining experiences CDA has to offer.

Understanding Kaiju Sushi's Location & Parking Situation

Kaiju Sushi Cd'A is planted in the heart of downtown Cd'A, conveniently located in the basement of the old town hall building. (Looks way cooler then it sounds, we promise!)

This premier corner location is impossible to miss, and being downtown, there are a variety of ways to get there.

Parking in this area is usually very limited, and as such, you may find yourself needing to walk a bit.

Thankfully, the nearest parking lot and parking garage are less than two blocks away in either direction.

However, street parking on both adjacent streets is possible - We wouldn't advise trying as luck may not be on your side when you roll up for a spot. Street parking on and around Sherman Ave in Coeur d'Alene can remain a tricky and stressful place to park in and get out of.

Inside Bar & Dining Seating & Overall Ambiance of Kaiju Sushi CdA

Though Kaiju itself is situated in the lower area of its rather large home building, it occupies a huge site and has more than ample seating for a party of any size.

However, on a nice summer day, there is ample outside seating available in addition to their inside seating protected from the hot summer heat of Downtown Coeur d'Alene.

As far as setting goes, Kaiju Sushi CdA is a relatively modern dining experience. Clean, presentable, and with a solid touch of Japanese flair. And with tons of windows to let in natural light and the lights of downtown Cd'A, you'll have plenty of views to enjoy even outside the restaurant. Who doesn't love good surroundings with their meal?

Kaiju Sushi Menu + Exotic Drink Selection & Fine Dining for Everyone

As you might expect with an authentic Japanese restaurant, there is no shortage of options to get your fill. To view a Kaiju Sushi menu straight from Kaiju, simply click here.

Kaiju is known for its extensive array of sushi, and they don't disappoint. Some of the most famous sushi rolls include the spicy Gamera roll, Manda roll, and our personal favorite, the Godzilla roll, tuna loaded with cream cheese, avocado, and scallions.

There are no bad options at Kaiju Sushi CdA, and even if fish isn't your thing, they offer customized fish-free and vegan sushi options too.

Pair this with an appetizer or two, and a night of fantastic eating is yours to share with a loved one or friends! (though we'd consider them your loved ones too!)

Along with that near limitless amount of sushi, comes an equally wide variety of cocktails, beer, and wine.

Though you can always opt for your usual American favorite, Kaiju has a variety of Japanese-imported beer and a select amount of local and imported wines.

But really, the actual star of the show is the next-level mixed drinks and sake.

One of our LIVECDA.ID's author's personal favorites and a recommendation is Kaiju Sushi's specialty mixed Lychee Lemonade, a fresh mix of whiskey and lemonade, with a dash of lychee.

But don't take it from us, there are tons of options for you to choose from, and every single one is the best they have to offer.

Kaiju Sushi CdA Final Thoughts + What do you think?

Though Kaiju does offer other food options aside from sushi, the selection is limited to appetizers, as they do not offer entrees. This may be an important factor to consider for your night out, in-case you unsatisfied with a sushi-exclusive experience.

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