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Nosworthys CdA has BIG Burgers & Classic Meals

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Nosworthy's Restaurant in Cd'A

Huge burgers, a cozy hometown atmosphere, and all the beer and football you can handle, Nosworthys is a classic CDA burger restaurant, often regarded as the best in town. It's a fan favorite, and it's hard to disagree with the prices too!

The Location and Parking at Nosworthys Hall of Fame - How is it?

Conveniently located on Government Way, a major vein through CDA, Nosworthys is easy to find and even easier to access. The lot itself has tons of parking available, even on busier days.

One shouldn't have a hard time getting in and out of the lot either, though due to traffic at some hours of the day, you may be a bit delayed.

A Classic Sports-Themed Restaurant in Coeur d'Alene

Though it can get a little crowded at times, especially on game nights and weekends, there are absolutely tons of seating for the most part.

You'll even have the option of sitting upstairs if there is no room on the main floor, and if you're by yourself or with one other person, bar seating is usually available.

As a classic sports restaurant, Nosworthys atmosphere is primarily influenced by legendary football and baseball players, especially our hometown heroes of CDA. We consider this a plus, as it gives you a very homey and welcoming feeling, but it's by no means too much to handle.

Famed for its Deliciously Hearty Meals at Nosworthys CdA

Nosworthy's menu is packed with tons of unique burger and sandwich options, and even a variety of salad options for those looking for lighter food.

Almost every burger is 1/2lb of beef along with any unique fixings they offer, served with an enormous side of fries, and they can even be brought down to 1/4lb if you're not feeling too hungry.

Our personal go-to is their delicious Conan burger, coated in cheddar cheese and grilled onions.

We also love the Lakers burger, which is just your regular burger but smothered in Monterey jack cheese.

Also, as you might expect with a sports-heavy restaurant, Nosworthys has a full-service bar, offering tons of on-tap beers and other imported alcohol for all your game night needs. 

In the earlier hours of the day, Nosworthys also offers a breakfast menu, serving an array of unique omelet dishes. Along with their famous omelets, there are some more classic breakfast options available, such as pancakes, plain eggs, and cheese benedict. 

Nosworthy's also has a meeting room available for reservation for any social gathering or meetings, and it's free to reserve! This room accommodates up to 30 people and can be reserved for any time during regular business hours.

Our Advice to You + Have you enjoyed Nosworthys Yourself?

Though we love the atmosphere of Nosworthys personally, it should be noted that on some of the busier nights, it is very loud, and a lot is happening on the main floor.

Service can be a little delayed on these kinds of nights as well. And as previously mentioned, there are some salad options.

Still, the primary menu items include meat, and many of the salads do as well, so this may not be the most vegan/vegetarian-friendly place to go.

LIVECDA.ID team members appreciate Nosworthys for their delicious burgers, we'd recommend giving 'em a shot! Nosworthys CdA is the most certain cult-classic for our small town.

Are you a local who's experienced Nosworthys? Don't take our word for it then! We like to welcome the community of Coeur d'Alene and surrounding areas to be the real verdict and encourage your responses below.

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