November 15, 2019
Roger’s Ice Cream & Burgers – A Cd’A Classic!
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Roger's Burgers Sherman Ave Downtown Coeur d'Alene Exterior

Roger’s Ice Cream & Burgers is one of Coeur d’Alene’s truest and longest-standing assets to the restaurant community.

The Sherman Ave strip in Downtown Coeur d’Alene is hardly lacking in things to do, especially good food.

But that doesn’t mean some places don’t rise far above the rest. If there is any burger joint CDA natives know by heart, it’s Roger’s Ice Cream & Burgers.

About Roger’s Ice Cream & Burgers – A Coeur d’Alene Tradition since 1940

Opened in 1940, Roger’s Ice Cream & Burgers has been serving the CDA area just about as long as it’s been on the map.

Though there are now 4 separate locations to choose from, the original Sherman joint is definitively the fan favorite.

With several burger options, hand-cut fries, and a near-endless variety of shake flavours; it’s easy to see why this small-town burger joint has stood the test of time.

The Original Sherman Location, Old-School CdA Charm

The Sherman location is a small, classic building clad in colourful neon lighting and old-school charm.

It’s hard to miss, given its easily accessed location on the busiest street in town. Though parking is limited to a small lot in the back, there is ample street parking in the direct area, and it’s a quick walk from downtown too!

The seating, while outdoors only; is plentiful, shaded in the summer and completely covered and heated in the winter.

Sink Your Teeth into a Roger’s Classic Burger, we recommend a Combo!

While it’s certainly a no-frills burger joint, that isn’t to say you don’t have tons of options.

Classic burgers, turkey burgers, even cheese melts and vegetarian burgers; take your pick, stand-alone burger or combo. Roger’s Ice Cream & Burgers makes it affordable to get a quality meal either way!

And if the burger options weren’t enough, the choice between house-made fries and kettle chips ought to be.

Cut fresh in-house and locally grown, and you’re sure to get your potato fix quickly and easily.

And for all your ice cream needs, Roger’s offers over 17 unique ice cream flavours in the form of shakes, scoops, and malts, with a monthly rotating flavour for the adventurous.

To top it all off, all of Roger’s ingredients are locally sourced, never frozen, and cooked to order.

Be it a hot summer day or a freezing winter night; Roger’s has your cravings covered.

If you find yourself wanting to experience CDA food like a local, you’ve got tons of choices. But if you want a burger experience like no other, there isn’t a better place than Roger’s Ice Cream & Burgers.

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