November 29, 2020
Is Coeur d’Alene A Dog-Friendly City? 7 Reasons Why That’s a Yes
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Corgi on McEuen Park Trail

Is Coeur d’Alene Dog Friendly?

It’s true – Dogs love Coeur d’Alene just as much as their human companions. I’ve seen It be asked: Is Coeur d’Alene a dog-friendly city? I can’t help but be a little shocked by the question. Coeur d’Alene is a great way to escape into the outdoors with your furry four-legged friend; here are a few of my favorite reasons why I believe Cd’A is a dog-friendly city.

7. They Are Welcome On Most Park Trails

According to the Coeur d’Alene City Government website, Dogs are allowed on lease with Kathleen Trail, Prairie Trail, Atlas Trail, and the Centennial Trail. Our dog friends are welcome on lease in City Park, McEuen, and Riverstone Park.

6. They Have Many Of Their Own Parks

Our friends over at Northwest Pet Resort wrote an article that shares with us 3 of their favorite dog parks in Coeur d’Alene that Fido is sure to love! If you’re never been to a dog park, It’s a stretch of gatted land, typically with playground elements and large running areas for our furry friends to get to play in with their friends or their human. I recommend checking out that article here. Here are those same dog parks, with a few additional for you to consider visiting!

5. They’ve Got Plenty of Landscape to Enjoy

Whether It’s a walk around McEuen Park or a light hike at English Point, your pup will likely have plenty of beautiful shrubs and landscapes to brush around in. Life ain’t so ruff here. Going on a hike soon? Don’t forget to snap a cute pup pic and tag #livecda on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

4. There Are Mountains & Hills To Be Climbed

Dogs are allowed on lease on both Tubb’s Hill in Downtown Coeur d’Alene and Canfield Mountain in the neighboring Dalton Gardens area. For humans and companions looking for a trail that’s a little more enduring, we recommend checking out Canfield Mountain for a nearby mountain hike that doesn’t take all day to complete.

Help Keep Coeur d’Alene Clean!

With this, we’d like to remind our neighbors and their visiting relatives to help keep Coeur d’Alene clean! Please clean up after your doggy using disposable dog waste bags. Thank you, Good human!

3. Vet Clinic Options & 24/7 Care Nearby:

Rest assured, your doggo can feel taken care of at any of Coeur d’Alene’s many care providers and 24/7 emergency clinics. We may be a smaller town in North Idaho, but we take our pet care seriously! Here are a few of our recommendations:

2. They’ve Got Resorts To Play & Stay:

We understand know Coeur d’Alene has a lot of dog-friendly places – But what about that place that isn’t? Like taking your family on a ziplining adventure – You need to find accommodations for your furry friend, and here in Cd’A, there are a couple we’d recommend. At both of these resorts, there are comfortable lodges and play areas and human staff to keep your doggo having a good time. Here are our top pet resort picks:

1. A Spa Day For Your Dog:

After a day of adventure – It’s time for you to get cleaned up and take off the dirty boots. What about your friend with dirty paws? Here are a few of our top considerations for taking your fluffy friend for a doggy spa day:

Doggy Style Pet Grooming:

A cute newer addition to the downtown area and already has raving reviews. Pictures courtesy of Doggy Style Pet Grooming. This new grooming salon is located in the recently renovated pad site right up 4th street nearest downtown, across and up the street from Franklin’s Hoagies.

Pet Grooming at Northwest Pet Resort:

More information on their grooming services can be found on their website here. Northwest Pet Resort is located on Northwest Blvd, on your right, just past the Riverstone entrance heading towards downtown Coeur d’Alene.

Pet Grooming at Coeur d’Alene Pet Resort:

For more information on grooming services by Coeur d’Alene Pet Resort, check out their webpage for grooming services here. Coeur d’Alene Pet Resort is located in the midtown district of Coeur d’Alene, between Government and 3rd street.

Don’t forget to call these shops to schedule your appointment! Walk-ins are typically not accepted at these establishments.