September 8, 2019
Pilgrim’s Market, A Fresh Organic Grocer Downtown
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Pilgrim's Market in Coeur d'Alene Sign

Explore Pilgrim’s Market’s wide selection of grocery aisles. Located in Midtown Coeur d’Alene, Pilgrim’s has been the area’s go-to source for a wide variety of organic and natural goods. This store is one-of-a-kind, locally owned, and ever-growing. Pilgrim’s is committed to consistently highering the standard when it comes to the quality of the products they offer, and the service they provide. In recent years, Pilgrim’s has acquired the land behind their store to start growing their greens. Nowadays, they offer fresh locally-grown organic greens such as cucumbers, lettuce, and more.

Wide Selection of Beer & Wine in Coeur d’Alene

Pilgrim’s offers a vast department of unique and craft beers & wines. They are consistently discovering new additions. What stands Pilgrim’s apart from other department stores is their Certified Wine Specialist. With a CSW, this market can boast a selection of over 350 types from all over the globe. Their variety offers a mixture of local Coeur d’Alene and Northwest Micro-Brews. The department has a strong focus on quality, drinkability, price point, and diversity. They value small productions, local producers, and family-owned and operated wineries. Furthermore, some of the finest organic and gluten-free beer and wine on the market are available.

Natural Meats at Fair Prices

This market offers a vast selection of wild seafood and locally sourced meats. The meats are cut on-site.

Pilgrim’s CdA expresses a strong focus on ensuring they only carry quality products.

  • Wild Seafood, No Farmed Fish
  • Locally Sourced Meats
  • Grass-Fed & Free Range
  • Quality Vegetarian Options
  • No Hormones, Added Nitrates, Antibiotics, or Additives

Also, Pilgrims CdA’s meat butchers crafts house-made sausages and seasoned meat cuts. Achieving a quick, easy, and healthy dinner. 

Endless Supplements and Healthcare Products

What goes on in your body is just as important as what goes into it. This is a belief of Pilgrim’s Market. This department offers a massive section of beauty and healthcare. As a result, you can ensure you, and your family leads a happy and healthy life.

Baked Goods, Organic & In-House Bakehouse

This market offers a wide variety of in-house baked bread and sweets. Known as Pilgrim’s Bakehouse, this department offers North Idaho’s only authentic European Stone Hearth Oven. As a result, their team of bakers handcrafts European-style bread on a daily. They offer gluten-free and dairy-free traditional bread made with organic ingredients. Expect exciting flavors like Jalapeno Olive Cheddar, or 5 Seed Cranberry Walnut.

A Truly Gourmet Deli and Salad Bar

At this market, the Deli is not what you’d come to expect from your local grocery store. Meaning you won’t find boxed macaroni salads and bland, unhealthy processed meats. Pilgrim’s Market offers a unique ‘grill’ inspired menu, weekly soup options, delicious sandwiches, and a lengthy salad bar. Since this deli heavily relies on organic ingredients, you can rely on the following characteristics remaining present.

  • Free of Added Nitrates
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup Used
  • No Hydrogenated Oils
  • Quality You Can Taste!

Our personal favorite is the ability to mix this market’s “Hot” and “Salad” bar for the same price per pound. This allows for unique creations of your own. They offer some of their greenhouse greens in the salad bars – It’s as fresh as it gets!

On a hot summer day, treat yourself or your kids to a scoop of their house-made ice creams. They offer gourmet and seasonal flavors as well as dairy-free desserts and sorbet options.

After a long, well-endured workout at one of Coeur d’Alene’s many gyms or outdoor recreations, stop by Pilgrim’s to enjoy a delicious organic daily-pressed juice drink. Alternatively, combine their fresh ingredients to enjoy a fresh and healthy smoothie to give your body the energy it needs to sustain itself.